That Winter, The Wind Blows Episode 16 (FINALE) : Theories and Thoughts


I can’t stop writing about That Winter, The Wind Blows without ending it properly, like an aftermath of theories and thoughts of the drama series, especially on the final episode.

I was feeling ‘unsettled’ though there are some netizens out there who applauded the Writer for leaving it an ambiguous ending (Like you can choose your own ending – either you interpret them to be still alive or in heaven). There are many things left unexplained in the final episode, and I tried googling for explanations from the Writer or Director or Actors or Crew or anyone from the drama but to no avail. I need a closure for this.

So I have gathered whatever I have read from the public (Cos they were feeling unsettled too) and I shall combine them with my own theories to form this blog post.

Let’s rewind.

Back to Episode 16, starting from the scene that needs explanations.


Scene 1


Jin sung tells Boss Man that all the winnings are his in order to pay Soo’s debt, but Boss Man has another plan – he knows where Jin sung’s family is, threatening Jin Sung to choose between Soo or his family.

A call to Hee sun confirms that Boss Man isn’t lying about knowing his family’s whereabouts, and Jin sung looks devastated as the mean old man slides him a knife. That stupid man just wants Oh Soo dead, regardless of whether he wins or not…

On the other hand, Hee Sun & Jin Sung’s dad saw a truck coming towards their direction….


I read some comments online saying that if Jin Sung did not stab Oh Soo, Boss Man would have made sure that the truck would plow into Hee Sun & Jin Sung’s dad’s truck, probably killing them.


Theory A : That the truck did not hit Hee Sun & Jin Sung’s dad, so they’re both alive.

Theory B : That the truck did hit them, and they both died.


Scene 2


So what about Oh Soo?

After Jin Sung stabbed him, we saw that Jin Sung was sobbing while his hyung collapsed to the ground.

Theory A : That Oh Soo lived, then Jin Sung should be the one who has rushed Oh Soo to the hospital.

Theory B : That Oh Soo died, then it would probably have been too late at that time 😦 😦 😦



Spring – Next Year


Scene 3


The focus is oddly blurry, and the sound of Soo’s bell charm reaches her ears as a man wearing it passes her on a bicycle. Is this a dream? Or…heaven? Why is everything so blurry?

Soo is riding by on a bike. He stops and looks back at her. The he keeps going. Young smiles.


Alright, this scene. This scene needs a LOT of explanations :

Theory A : That they were both miraculously alive. Young survived her brain surgery and regained partial sight (Not full sight because in reality Retinitis pigmentosa (RP)’s patients can only regain partial sight) hence the blurry surroundings because that view was from her eyes. Soo was riding his bike pass her, but did not stop to greet her because he knew that she would come to his restaurant hence he waited there for her instead.

Theory B : That they were both in heaven. Hence the blurry surroundings, hence he rode the bike pass her without greeting her, like the whole thing was in a dream.


Scene 4


Hee sun and Jin Sung were living in the countryside, and Jin sung scares away a possible suitor by telling him that he has already slept with Hee sun.

“You know tomorrow is the day we go to Soo’s right?” Hee Sun said. “This time when we go to Soo’s – what flowers should we take him? Last time we took him roses. What should we take him this time?”

Jin Sung says lamb’s ears flowers that holds a special meaning for both Soo and Young.


Okay, this scene needs a LOT of explanations too.


Theory A : That they’re all alive, I mean all 4 of the lead actors – Oh Soo, Oh Young, Hee Sun and Jin Sung. Cos if Oh Soo died, Hee Sun would probably NOT be this happy talking about him, cos Jin Sung was the one who has stabbed Oh Soo. The SUPER GUILTY look on Jin Sung’s face probably meant that he was still guilty about stabbing his hyung. The flowers they were talking about refers to either :

1) The real brother Oh Soo who died in Episode 1 (Cos the flowers did hold a special meaning between the 2 Oh Soo and Oh Young).

2) The conman Oh Soo. They wanted to give him flowers for his restaurant where he decorates his tables with flowers (And yes, cos the flowers did hold a special meaning between the 2 Oh Soo and Oh Young).


Theory B : That conman Oh Soo died while the other 3 – Jin Sung, Hee Sun and Oh Young were alive. The flowers they meant was for conman Oh Soo’s grave 😦 And remember that Jin Sung had THIS VERY GUILTY look on his face when Hee Sun mentioned about Oh Soo? Yeah that meant something didn’t it? And Hee Sun probably didn’t know that Jin Sung stabbed Oh Soo, haha this one is kinda absurd but anything is possible.

Theory C : That they’re all dead – Oh Young from the surgery, Oh Soo from the stabbing, Hee Sun from the accident, and Jin Sung probably killed himself for betraying/stabbing his hyung, and whatever they were talking about was all from a dream. This one is my theory but it sounds really depressing doesn’t it?


Scene 5


Young says that she has known his whereabouts for about twenty days, since Secretary Wang waited to tell her until she finished her chemotherapy. Apparently she has been a regular at his restaurant and picked up on the sound of his bracelet, and though he’d always bring her tea but he never showed his face to her.

According to Secretary Wang, Soo started there six months ago. He told Wang not to tell Young.

“I waited for you for a long time,” Young says. “I waited until you would talk to me.”

“I couldn’t bring myself to do it,” Soo says with a sheepish smile. “I thought that you may not like me when you see me.”

Young says, “No way.”

He goes over and asks, “Does that mean you like me?”

She drinks her tea. He asks, “Can we meet again?”

“Maybe,” she replies, but with the brightest smile.


Okay if this was some imagination, then it must be one heck of a detailed imagination – with details like 20 days and 6 months and all haha.

Thus, for this scene, I would like to stick to Theory A, that is, that they’re all alive.


Scene 6


…And then the scene changes, they’re suddenly kissing on the same path where Young just walked.

Beautiful cherry blossom petals rain down as they kiss in soft focus surroundings.

And when Soo pulls back, they both look into each other’s eyes, smiling.


Scene changes abruptly in imaginations, doesn’t it? Sigh.

By writing this post, my aim is to convince myself that it’s a happy ending, that they all miraculously survived. But this last scene made me doubtful of it all.

But I guess in reality that scene changes too, right? Well, it only happens in dramas/movies though.

In my opinion, I think the reason why the writer did not reveal so many details in the final episode was because it would spoil everything then. Too many details would probably made it look more cheesy or something, just my guess though. But it was a smart decision to make the ending ambiguous like this…

I don’t think I know of any K-dramas with such an ending before, hence it’s something new for K-dramas, which is a good thing.

Nevertheless, the ending proves that regardless whether Oh Soo & Oh Young are alive or not, they have a happy ending be it on Earth or in Heaven…


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